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Custom runner

If you don't want to use one of the stock runners, you can also build your own runner using the Tripetto Runner library. This package is what drives the stock runners and does all the heavy weight lifting of parsing the form definition into a virtual finite state machine that handles all the complex logic and response collection during the execution of the form. Basically you can apply any UI framework you like on top of it and build a runner with a custom UI.

🎓 This chapter contains all the information you need to start developing a custom runner.

✍️ Building a custom runner involves coding and JavaScript programming skills.

📦 You will use the Runner library published on npm.


By building a custom runner, you get full control over the form UI. The downside is that it involves more coding, and therefore it's more suitable for experienced developers. Use one of Tripetto's stock runners to run forms without the need of building a custom runner. The stock runners are built and maintained by the Tripetto team and provide a seamless experience out-of-the-box.