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Tripetto module

📖 Description

The Tripetto module contains all the exported symbols of the Tripetto Builder package. It is also the library name of the UMD build of the package (the version that runs directly in the browser).

// Import the module
import { Tripetto } from "@tripetto/builder";

// Or use the default export
import Tripetto from "@tripetto/builder";

// Or import the entire module with a custom name
import * as Tripetto from "@tripetto/builder";

// Now, you can use symbols from this module;

If you can import specific symbols, you should always go with that. Things like tree shaking are only possible when importing specific symbols.

import { Builder } from "@tripetto/builder";

When using the UMD build in the browser, the module will be available in the window object and as a global variable. So you can reference the module using window.Tripetto or just Tripetto.