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IBuilderChangeEvent interface

📖 Description​

Event interface for the OnChange hook, fired when the user makes a change in the builder.


Use the hook method if you want to attach multiple listeners to the same event. If you just need one listener, use the onChange event of the Builder instance.

📃 Type declaration​

interface IBuilderChangeEvent {
  builder: Builder;Readonly
  definition: IDefinition;Readonly
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👩‍đŸ’ģ Example​

const builder = new Builder();

builder.hook("OnChange", "synchronous", (event: IBuilderChangeEvent) => {
console.log("Form definition has changed!");

🗃ī¸ Properties​

🏷ī¸ builder​

Contains a reference to the Builder instance that generated the event.



🏷ī¸ definition​

Contains the updated form definition as a IDefinition object.