Fully featured form solution for plain JS.

The FormBuilder SDK includes easy to use plain JavaScript packages for building and running advanced forms. Equip web apps and websites with a full-fledged form solution. All in just minutes.

Use the plain JS package to run forms in your project.

Create a stunning form in the free online Tripetto studio or integrated form builder and implement it in your plain JS app or website in no time. The form will run entirely inside your JavaScript project - with the style and UX of your choice, and without any dependencies on external infrastructure.

Form faces

Pick the Typeform-like, chat, or classic form experience, and then fully customize it for the optimal fit with your audience.

About convertible form faces

Styling included

Tailor things with customizable fonts, colors, buttons, labels, backgrounds, input controls, and much more.

How to style things

Finite state machine

The runner is a finite state machine that handles form logic and response collection during form execution.

About the runner engine

Custom runners

The runner engine is headless and built for developers to develop their own custom UI and UX layers on top of.

How to build a runner

Add the plain JS package to build forms in your project.

Optionally add powerful form building capabilities to your plain JS app or website by neatly integrating the visual form builder in minutes. The builder will run entirely inside your JavaScript project - with custom extensions you develop, and without any dependencies on external infrastructure.

Screenshot of the form builder.
// Import the builder JavaScript function
import { Builder } from "@tripetto/builder";

// Start the builder
const builder = Builder.open();

// Listen for the save event
builder.onSave = (definition) => {
  // Save the form definition somewhere

Visual storyboard

Build forms like flowcharts. The magnetic storyboard shows you what goes where and actively aligns your flow.

About the visual builder

Drag and drop

Drag and drop any part where you need it on the magnetic storyboard, which will visibly guide you along the way.

How to arrange things

Versatile blocks

Comes with all question types you need for forms, surveys, quizzes and more. Including real-time, automatic actions.

About question blocks

Advanced logic

Use powerful logic features and get conversational to increase completion rates and reduce drop-offs. Better data!

About conversational logic

The FormBuilder SDK is deeply customizable.

The development kit comes with a rich set of customizable, open source question types for developers to use out of the box or enhance. Actually, developers can create original question blocks, and even form UX from scratch.

  • Illustration representing Autoscroll Form Face

    Autoscroll Layout

    Fluently presents one question at a time.

  • Illustration representing Chat Form Face

    Chat Layout

    Presents all questions and answers as a chat.

  • Illustration representing Classic Form Face

    Classic Layout

    Presents question fields in a traditional format.

Start with any of the runners for the perfect form style.

Runners are for deploying forms in apps and websites, turning a form definition into an executable program which handles the form styling, complex logic and response collection.

Embed runners with plain JS

Icons representing custom blocks.

Boost or extend apps with custom question blocks.

With the builder and runner easily and neatly implemented, you can start to customize question blocks, or enhance an app with your own to unlock API's and other superpowers. So, if you really need to bend or extend things, the FormBuilder SDK has got you covered.

Build blocks with TypeScript

Equip your runner with custom UI and UX.

Form runners handle UI, complex logic and response collection during form execution. The runner engine is headless and just begging for A-Team devs to wield its powers with custom UI and UX layers. There's a learning curve. But hey, no pain no gain!

Customize UI/UX with plain JS

Tripetto ❤️ TypeScript

All FormBuilder SDK packages include type declarations and support TypeScript out of the box.

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