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The Tripetto builder comes bundled with a set of translations (see a list here). To load a translation, use the --language option to specify the ISO 639-1 language code of the translation you want to use. For example, the following command instructs the builder to use the Dutch translation:

tripetto --language nl ./example.json

If you are working on a custom translation for the builder (or for a block you are building), you can also specify a path to the JSON translation file:

tripetto --language custom-translation.json ./example.json

This allows you to test translation files.


Instructions on how to generate JSON translations files are here.


If you want to help translate the Tripetto builder to other languages, you're very welcome to do so! Go to our translations repository for instructions. Download the builder POT file and start translating it. We use POEdit for this job, but you can use any other tool or service you like. Please send us the translated PO file, and we are more than happy to include it.