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Product Update: Collect signatures with the new Signature block

The March 2024 update introduces the all new Signature question type. We also made some useful improvements to the Tripetto studio and WordPress plugin.

It's update time again! We have heard the widespread wish to be able to collect signatures in forms. So that's exactly what the all new Signature block does. We also included some improvements to the Tripetto studio and WordPress plugin, so let's dive into this update!

Signature block

The Signature block enables you to collect signatures from your respondents inside your form. First a quick demo of how this looks in your form:

Screen recording of the signature block in Tripetto
The Signature question type in action.

How does it work?

The respondent can draw their signature using all inputs, like mouse, pen and touch. After a brief moment of inactivity the signature gets confirmed and the signing date is shown.

Which settings are included?

For you as the form owner, there are some settings to customize the display of the signature block. These settings are available for each individual signature block:

  • You can set the color of the signature ink.
  • You can set the size of the signature field to small, medium, or large.

How is the signature stored?

Each signature is stored as an image in your dataset. You can easily preview the signatures in the results, or download a copy of the image.

More information


This update also includes some handy improvements and bugfixes, based on your feedback:

  • Made domain validation (URL validation) less strict so that local domains, IP addresses and relative paths are now allowed, for example in picture choices and redirects.
  • Added the alias of a block to the tracking functionality.
  • Added a live preview of uploaded images in the result panel (used for file uploads and signatures).
  • Fixed a bug in the email address field of the notification panel.

Update now available! 🚀

This update is available across all our platforms:

  • In the Tripetto studio the signature block and all improvements are directly available at
  • In the Tripetto WordPress plugin the signature block is available in the Pro plugin, after updating it to version 8.0.0. The other improvements are available for everyone after updating the plugin to version 8.0.0.
  • In the Tripetto FormBuilder SDK the signature block is available as a stock block.
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