Jumpstart your Tripetto mastery with helpful templates and video tutorials

Basic instructions to start immediately

With the WordPress plugin we try to make it as easy as possible to embed your Tripetto forms into your WP projects. Nevertheless we have some very basic instructions to help you get going. See our Help Center if you have any questions.

Installing the WordPress plugin

Follow these steps to install the Tripetto WordPress plugin in your WP Admin and start using it in your projects right away.

  • 1
    Download the plugin via the WordPress.org plugin repository
  • 2
    Activate the plugin through the Plugins page in your WP Admin
  • 3
    Navigate to the Tripetto tab at the bottom of your WP Admin menu
  • 4
    Click the Add New button to start building your first form
Upgrade to PremiumSee premium features See our Help Center for more help with installing the plugin and upgrading to a premium license.

Embedding your forms

Embedding works with a shortcode which you can add at any desired place on a page in your WP project.

Basic shortcode syntax: [tripetto id="#"]
Available parameters:
idId of Tripetto form You can find the id of each form in the list of Tripetto forms in your WP Admin
modeMode of implementation Default iframe
Values iframe | inline | overlay
widthWidth of form container Default 100%
Values percentage | pixel
heightHeight of form container Default auto
Values auto | percentage | pixel
See our Help Center for more help with embedding your forms.

Templates help demonstrate the power of multibranch forms and advanced logic

Start using our example templates right away, or share your own form as a template to collaborate with your team members.

See our Help Center to learn more about the usage of templates in the studio.

Video tutorials demonstrate clearly how to build and test your forms step by step

From the very basics of adding the first questions, to creating smart forms with (advanced) logic and answer piping. Just watch and learn.

Watch all videos about Tripetto on our YouTube channel.

With just three commands you'll have all the form building powers right at your fingertips

Tap = A mouse click or brief touch with a single finger.

Press = Primary mouse button kept pressed, or a finger held onto the screen.

See our Help Center to learn more about how to use the form builder.
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