How to automate email notifications in the WordPress plugin

It can be handy to get notified when a respondent completes a form, for example to have a look at its response. Tripetto offers multiple ways to get notified, of which one is an email notification. You can very easily enable this for each form you'd like to.

Enable email notifications

At the top menu bar of the form builder click Style & settings. The Style & settings pane will show up on the left side of the form builder.

On the left side of this pane you can enable the feature Notifications - Email. After enabling this feature you can enter the email address of the recipient. This will result in a simple email message to the entered recipient when someone completes the form.

Enable email notification.

Include response data

It's also possible to include all response data of the completed form directly inside the email message. In that way, you don't have to open up your WP Admin to see the given answers. To do so, just enable the checkbox Include form data and all given answers will be shown in the email message automatically.

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