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Connecting to webhooks (for example Zapier)

Webhooks can be very powerful to process your received data. Tripetto lets you easily connect to webhooks.


Webhooks are the glue between the data that you collect in Tripetto and the automated actions you want to do with that data. This makes your Tripetto form even more valuable as you can integrate the data collection right into your processes.

A simple example of a webhook action would be to automatically add the form data to a Google Sheets row in a spreadsheet document. But you can also think of other actions, like database storage, automated email follow-ups, CRM integrations, marketing actions, etc.

Automation tools

The webhook feature in Tripetto is a common webhook URL, so you can use any automation tool that you'd like that supports incoming webhooks. We primarly demonstrate the webhook with Zapier, but you can also use for example Integromat, Automate.io or n8n. Of course it depends on each tool which automations they support.

Custom webhook endpoint

In case you have your own custom webhook endpoint, you can just use that webhook URL.

Help articles

In our Help Center you can find a more detailed help article about the webhook connection:

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