Learn the basics of the form builder

The form builder in Tripetto is a bit different then you're used to, but when you know the basics we're sure you'll going to like it. So let us show you how to use it.

The concept

Our form builder is not just a list of questions. As we want to make it easy to create smart forms with logic, we use a drawing board. This board gives a visual presentation of the flows inside your form, making it much better understandable what's happening in your form structure.

Adding and editing

Let's start with an empty drawing board. And let's say we just want to add some questions. You can add questions by clicking the icon. A new question block will be created and you can fill in this question block by clicking it once.

For a more in-depth tutorial on adding and editing question blocks, please have a look at this article.

Short video on how to add and edit question blocks


There are a few controls you need to know to master the form builder in Tripetto.


If you have multiple question blocks on your drawing board (and maybe some logic in it as well), you can arrange your question blocks, for example to change the order of two questions. You can do that by dragging and dropping a block.

Short video on how to arrange blocks


You can navigate through your form (especially with large forms) by holding the drawing board and drag it into the direction you want.

Short video on how to move around the drawing board


If you have a large form with lots of branches, you can zoom out to see the whole structure of your form, or zoom in to see a particular part of your form.

Short video on how to use zooming

More in-depth tutorials

You can have a look at all our help articles for more in-depth (video) tutorials to get the most out of Tripetto. Or have a look at our YouTube channel for all videos.

Use these helplines if you have any questions, problems or requests