Tripetto in pieces for developers.

The Tripetto SDK contains fully customizable components for equipping websites and apps with a comprehensive solution for building and running conversational forms. All up in minutes.

Tripetto for developers

Every part of Tripetto neatly packed into your application.

The SDK's parts for form creation and deployment are designed for quick embedding in straightforward cases as well as deep integration into advanced applications.

Illustration representing running forms in projects.


The all-in-one form runner executes interactions created with the builder and handles UI rendering, UX, logic and response delivery.

Run forms in projects
Illustration representing building forms in projects.


The intelligent storyboard is for building forms like flowcharts and actively organizes their structures and logic for the optimal flow.

Build forms in projects
Illustration representing customizing things.


Deeply customize the toolset to specific project needs for optimal appearance, performance, security and response management.

Customize things
Embedding Tripetto runners

Run Tripetto forms inside your project independently.

The runner is for deploying forms in websites and applications. It turns a form definition into an executable program; a finite state machine that handles the complex logic and response collection during form execution. Choose any of our default runners for your project.

Runner pricing

You may embed and integrate runners in websites and applications free of charge as long as Tripetto branding is enabled (which is the default mode). A paid license is required for hiding Tripetto branding. Licenses start at €100/month.

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The autoscroll runner presents one question at a time and is akin to Typeform’s well known conversational format.


The chat runner presents questions and answers as speech bubbles and is partly inspired by Landbot.


The classic runner presents question fields in a traditional format as regularly seen in SurveyMonkey and the likes.

Integrating the Tripetto builder

Build Tripetto forms inside your project autonomously.

The visual builder is for creating advanced forms with logic and conditional flows on an assistive storyboard. It can easily be tightly integrated into any website or app and works smoothly in mainstream browsers; mouse, touch or pen. Form structures are stored in a JSON-formatted form definition.

Using the builder

The builder is made to run neatly inside your apps and websites. Rapidly unlock all of its comprehensive form building capabilities.

Builder pricing

You may embed and integrate the builder in websites and applications for free for personal, academic and evaluation purposes. A paid license is required for select builder usages in business applications and/or production environments. Licenses start at €250/month.

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Screenshot of the form builder inside your own project.
Customizing things

The development kit is thoroughly customizable.

The development kit also comes with a rich set of customizable, open source question types for developers to use out of the box or enhance for use in the Tripetto builder and runners. Also, developers can create original runners on our runner engine.

Question blocks

Question blocks make up the forms and surveys created in the builder and executed by the runner. Customize our default blocks or extend with your custom blocks to unlock API's and other amazing things.

All building blocks and resources are free.

Custom runners

The runner engine is headless and just begging for A-Team devs to wield its blistering powers in radical ways. There's a learning curve. But hey, no pain no gain!